Welcome to the Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program

The Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program, abbreviated as ETOX, is an interdepartmental program that was established more than 30 years ago. Since its inception, our program has conferred more than 140 Ph.D. degrees. Our alumni are working in government, industry, academia, and making outstanding contributions to our society with their knowledge and skills learned in our program to address the complex environmental and toxicological issues this world now faces. We strive to continue this legacy by continuously recruiting talented and hard-working students with excellent academic preparations to our program.

In recent years, our program has: 1) Graduated 38-45 graduate students from more than 30 participating faculty from numerous departments included but not limited to Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Biomedical Science, and Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology; 2) An active NIH-funded training grant (T32ES018827) since 2010 - this is currently the only NIH-funded T32 training program at UCR; 3) A streamlined core curriculum that is completed with the first year of the program; and 4) A robust seminar series that attracts invited speakers from around the United States and abroad.

Our faculty members are interested in research questions aiming to improve human or ecological health, and have diverse backgrounds in chemistry, environmental science, molecular and cell biology, medical science, chemical and environmental engineering. Ares of strength includes: genetic toxicology and epigenetics, analytical chemistry and proteomics, development toxicology, as well as endocrine disruption and metabolism. Thus, our program provides an extraordinary environment to train scientists capable of directing multi-disciplinary research in toxicology, and stress the importance of innovative and independent research as a major component of the students' education. Additionally, our faculty members are dedicated to provide strong support to our students through the school's Graduate Division, internal and external fellowships, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships from faculty research grants.


Dr. Linlin Zhao

Program Director

Associate Professor of Chemistry



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