ENTX Committee Members and Officers


  • Dr. Wenwan Zhong, Director

Responsible for administering the Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program funding, teaching, and recruitment 

E-mail:, Office: 334 Chemical Sciences, Ext. 24925


  • Dr. Jason Cheng, Graduate Advisor for enrolled students

Responsible for supervising continuing students about their coursework and progress in graduate study, accepting and reviewing DYP/GRMP applications, as well as handling other academic affairs

            E-mail:,  Office: 324 Chemical Sciences, Ext. 22702


  • Dr. Wenwan Zhong, Graduate Advisor for admission, and Chair of the Curriculum and Student Affairs Committee

Responsible for graduate recruiting and establishing the curriculum of the first-year students

E-mail:, Office: 334 Chemical Science, Ext. 24925


  • Dr. Ying-Hsuan Lin, Chair of the Annual Symposium Organization Committee

Responsible for leading the organization of the program’s annual symposium

Email:, Office: 318 Science Lab I, Ext. 23785


    • Dr. Quan (Jason) Cheng, Representative of the TA Assignment Committee

Responsible for approving TA applications and attending the TAAC meetings for TA assignment

Email:, Office: 324 Chemical Sciences, Ext. 22702


    • The Curriculum and Student Affairs Committee: Dr. Wenwan Zhong, Dr. Jason Cheng, Dr. Tara Nordgren, Dr. Linlin Zhao

Responsible for student recruiting, and approving student affairs issues, such as committee nominations, course waivers, and curriculum changes


    • The Preliminary Exam Committee: David Volz, Yinsheng Wang, Ying-Hsuan Lin

Responsible for implementation of the preliminary exam.


  • Antonio Knox, Student Services Advisor

Responsible for student recruitment, admissions, and advising on student affairs issues for enrolled students.

            E-mail:, Office 1140 Bachelor Hall, Ext. 26746


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