ENTX Committee Members and Officers


  • Dr. Wenwan Zhong, Director

Responsible for administering the Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program funding, teaching, and recruitment 

E-mail:, Office: 334 Chemical Sciences, Ext. 24925


  • Dr. Jason Cheng, Graduate Advisor for enrolled students

Responsible for supervising continuing students about their coursework and progress in graduate study, accepting and reviewing DYP/GRMP applications, as well as handling other academic affairs

            E-mail:,  Office: 324 Chemical Sciences, Ext. 22702


  • Dr. Wenwan Zhong, Graduate Advisor for admission, and Chair of the Curriculum and Student Affairs Committee

Responsible for graduate recruiting and establishing the curriculum of the first-year students

E-mail:, Office: 334 Chemical Science, Ext. 24925


  • Dr. Ying-Hsuan Lin, Chair of the Annual Symposium Organization Committee

Responsible for leading the organization of the program’s annual symposium

Email:, Office: 318 Science Lab I, Ext. 23785


    • Dr. Quan (Jason) Cheng, Representative of the TA Assignment Committee

Responsible for approving TA applications and attending the TAAC meetings for TA assignment

Email:, Office: 324 Chemical Sciences, Ext. 22702


    • The Curriculum and Student Affairs Committee: Dr. Wenwan Zhong, Dr. Jason Cheng, Dr. Tara Nordgren, Dr. Linlin Zhao, Dr. Changcheng Zhou

Responsible for student recruiting, and approving student affairs issues, such as committee nominations, course waivers, and curriculum changes


  • The Committee for Diversity and Inclusion: Dr. Chia-En Chang (Chair), Dr. Margarita Curras-Collazo (Faculty Member), Ms. Madeline Vera-Colon (Student Member)

Responsible for promoting diversity and inclusion within the program.


    • The Preliminary Exam Committee: David Volz, Yinsheng Wang, Ying-Hsuan Lin

Responsible for implementation of the preliminary exam.


  • Antonio Knox, Student Services Advisor

Responsible for student recruitment, admissions, and advising on student affairs issues for enrolled students.

            E-mail:, Office 1140 Bachelor Hall, Ext. 26746


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