Instrumentation and Specialized Research Facilities

UCR is home to a suite of specialized instruments and facilities which are unique to Southern California.

These facilities not only provide advanced technical assistance to scientists who are leaders in their fields but are themselves part of the advances made in research at this university. Instruments are often modified or created on campus, simultaneously advancing both the instrumentation technology and the research benefiting from such technology. UCR scientists are not the only campus members to benefit from this integration of science and the tools which go hand-in-hand with its advances. Students, both graduates and undergraduates, post-doctoral researchers, and staff research associates also benefit from ready access to these technologies.

With this applied academic heritage, UCR graduates pursuing advanced degrees are empowered to commence their careers in science with a working knowledge of the tools that catalyze research breakthroughs. Researchers throughout UCR's College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and in associated laboratories, such as the Air Pollution Research Center (APRC) and the United States Salinity Laboratory, benefit from the collaborations which arise from optimal use of these diverse instrumentation facilities.


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