Environmental Toxicology Seminar Series

Spring Quarter 2020

The seminar series needed to be adjusted due to the steps the university has taken related to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we have combined ENTX 270 (seminar) and ENTX 271 (symposium). Our 5th and 4th year graduate students will present during the seminar series for the spring quarter, while our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students will present for our annual symposium at the end of spring quarter. All students who are registered for these two courses are required to participate via Zoom for the seminar presentations and in person for the symposium.

April 1




April 8

Stefani Andrews (Dr. Sarjeet Gill) and Samuel Patton (Dr. Haizhou Liu)

Host:  Ying-Hsuan Lin

April 15

Sajleen Phagura (Dr. Sarjeet Gill) and David Bade (Dr. Yinsheng Wang)

Host: Ying-Hsuan Lin

April 22

Zachary Cryder (Dr. Jay Gan) and Gwendolyn Gonzalez (Dr. Yinsheng Wang)

Host: Ying-Hsuan Lin

April 29

Macon Abernathy (Dr. Samantha Ying) and My Hua (Prue Talbot)

Host: Ying-Hsuan Lin

May 6

Su Guo (Dr. Yinsheng Wang) and Jin Chen (Dr. Ying-Hsuan Lin)

Host: Ying-Hsuan Lin


May 13

Roxana Coreas (Dr. Wenwan Zhong) and Tianyu Qi (Dr. Yinsheng Wang)

Host: Ying-Hsuan Lin

May 20


Yifang Zhu (UCLA)

Host: Ying-Hsuan Lin

May 27

Esther Omaiye (Dr. Prue Talbot) and Siwen Wang (Dr. Min Xue)

Host: Ying-Hsuan Lin


June 3

Jianan Sun (Dr. Jason Cheng) and Ying Tan (Dr. Yinsheng Wang)

Host: Ying-Hsuan Lin