Environmental Toxicology Seminar Series

Fall Quarter 2019

Wednesdays 12:10-1:00 PM in Winston Chung Hall, Room 143

October 2

Mitochondrial DNA degradation: a quality control measure for mitochondrial genome maintenance and stress respons

Linlin Zhao  (UC Riverside)

Host: David Eastmond

October 9

Agricultural dust exposure and lung inflammation

Arzu Ulu  (UC Riverside)

Host:  Tara Nordgren

October 16


Amy Madl and Antony Jones (Cardno ChemRisk)

Host: David Eastmond

October 23

Improving cancer risk assessment of therapeutics

Mark Fielden (Expansion Therapeutics)

Host: David Eastmond

October 30

Linking chemical exposure and inflammation to cardiometabolic disease

Changcheng Zhou (UC Riverside)

Host: David Eastmond

Novermber 6

The role of methylglyoxal adducts in diabetes and diabetic kidney disease

Sarah Shuck  (City of Hope)

Host: Yinsheng Wang


November 13

Decoding the “sperm RNA code” of environmental stressors on the intergenerational transmission of metabolic phenotypes

Qi Chen (UC Riverside)

Host: David Eastmond

November 20

FANCJ, RTEL1 and BLM are helicases that act on guanine quadruplex DNA structures

Peter Lansdorp (University of British Columbia)

Host: Yinsheng Wang



December 4

Attenuation of osteogenesis is associated with toxicant-sensitive transcriptional regulation

Nicole Sparks (UC Riverside)

Host: David Eastmond