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Scott Coffin

Scott Coffin, Graduate Student
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Email: scoff003@ucr.edu
UCR Major Professor: Daniel Schlenk
Degree Program: PhD

Scott Coffin

B.S.; Chemistry, Honors, Spanish (Minor), University of Wyoming

Research Focus

I am interested in characterizing the mechanistic and in vivo effects of plasticizer leachates present in the North Pacific Gyre on the endocrine systems of Japanese medaka. In vitro biomarkers include the Endocrine Receptor (Bg1Luc4E2) and Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (CYP1A1). In addition, I am quantifying vitellogenin expression using quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction in order to measure in vivo endocrine disruption.



  • “Understanding the Ecological effects of North Pacific Gyre Plastics using In Vitro Models” Annual Environmental Toxicology Symposium, University of California, Riverside, 2015
  • "Use of solid phase microextraction and laboratory models to estimate risk of DDTs from consumption of fish from contaminated sediments in Palos Verdes California", Superfund Research Project, San Juan Puerto Rico November 18-20, 2015
  • Optimization of Non-enzymatic Microwave Cleavage at Aspartic Acid and Disulfide Bonds. Presented at an honors presentation at the University of Wyoming.

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