Environmental Toxicology

Sajleen Phagura

UCR Phone:
Email: Sajleen.Phagura@email.ucr.edu
UCR Major Professor: Robert Krieger
Degree Program: Ph.D.

Sajleen Phagura

Commonwealth Medical College, M.S.; Loma Linda University, M.P.H.; CSU East Bay, B.S., Cell/Molecular Biology, Minor in Chemistry

Research Focus

  • Looking at chronic effects of multi pesticide residue exposure in C. elegans.
  • Using C.elegans as a model animal to elucidate mechanism of action of pesticides.


  • G. Sankaran, L. Chen, Z. Chen, Y. Liu, T. Lopez, J. Ross, S. Phagura, D. Eastmond, R.Krieger. (2015) The Importance of Hand Exposures to Absorbed Dosage of Hand Harvesters.J Toxicol Environ Health A 18;78(21-22):1369-83


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