Environmental Toxicology



Michael Adams
Professor of Entomology, Cell Biology & Neuroscience

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Mechanisms of synaptic transmission; use of toxins as probes of ion channels.

Roya Bahreini
Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences

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Measurements and analysis of chemical and microphysical properties of ambient and laboratory-generated aerosol particles

Julia Bailey-Serres
Professor of Genetics and Geneticist

Department Listing

Discerning mechanisms of plant response to abiotic stress in order to improve crop productivity.

Gregor Blaha
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Department Listing

 Response of eubacterial cells to environmental changes. Metabolism of secondary messenger (p)ppGpp.

Chia-en Chang

Professor of Chemistry & Bioinformatics




Department Listing
Mechanism of biomolecular recognition and binding kinetics using theory and classical mechanical models. Development and application of computational methods and theoretical models to address medically and chemically important problems. Systems of particular interest include existing or potential drug targets, and chemical systems related to environmental toxicology.

Sihem Cheloufi

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry


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Epigenetic mechanisms of cellular plasticity during development and carcinogenesis with a focus on the role of chromatin and non-coding RNA molecules in packaging the genome and regulating gene expression using reprogramming and differentiation mammalian systems such as the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and the differentiation of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs)

Quan (Jason) Cheng
Professor of Chemistry

Department Listing

Development of biosensor technology for pathogenic materials with a particular focus on bacterial protein toxins. The lab is trying to develop spectroscopic and electrochemical methods for analyzing toxin molecules of environmental concern.

Carl Cranor
Professor of Philosophy

Department Listing

Carcinogenic risk assessment. Research on environmental regulatory law and scientific evidence.

Margarita Curras-Collazo
Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Department Listing

Molecular mechanisms of neuroendocrine disruption and compromised synaptic physiology by environmental and marine toxins.

David Eastmond
Grad Advisor, Professor of Cell Biology & Toxicologist

Department Listing

Metabolic activation and molecular mechanisms of toxicity and carcinogenesis.

Li Fan
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Department Listing

Structure and function of proteins involved in fundamental cellular processes such as DNA repair and DNA replication.

Jianying (Jay) Gan
Professor of Soil Science & CE Specialist

Department Listing

Fate, transport and remediation of pesticides and other organic contaminants, and water quality issues.

Joseph Genereux
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Department Listing

Development of proteomic tools to quantify protein homeostasis, and to identify biological mechanisms that contribute to toxicity of environmental pollutants

Sarjeet Gill
Distinguished Professor of Cell Biology & Entomology

Department Listing


Molecular toxicology of xenobiotic metabolism and molecular mechanisms of toxic action.

Ryan Julian
Professor of Chemistry

Department Listing

Radical chemistry, antioxidants, post-translational modifications related to aging, and biomolecular structure studied with mass spectrometry and spectroscopy

William Jury
Dist. Prof. of Soil Physics & Soil Physicist, Emeritus

Department Listing

Measurement of downward chemical movement in unsaturated soil under large area applications.

Cynthia K. Larive
Professor of Chemistry

Department Listing

Ligand-protein interactions, Metabonomics, Development and Application of Hyphenated NMR Experiments.

Ying-Hsuan Lin
Assistant Professor of Environmental Toxicology, Department of Environmental Sciences
Department Listing
 Atmospheric transformation, chemical composition, and health effects of airborne particulate matter
 Haizhou Liu
Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Department Listing

In situ chemical remediation of contaminated hazardous sites and toxicity study of degradation products of organic contaminants; aquatic chemistry and physico-chemical water treatment processes; radical-based advanced oxidation process for water reuse.

Jinyong Liu
Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering 

Department Listing



Chemistry solutions to perfluorinated compound pollution; Catalytic reduction of perchlorate in water.

Xuan Liu
Professor of Biochemistry
Associate Biochemist

Department Listing

Molecular mechanisms of transcription regulation in mammalian cells.

Manuela Martins-Green Professor of Cell Biology


Department Listing

Cell and molecular mechanisms involved in normal and abnormal healing, the effects of natural products on prostate cancer metastasis and engineering of tissue with primary human cells to answer mechanistic questions.

Ernest Martinez
Professor of Biochemistry

Department Listing

Regulation of chromatin structure and gene transcription by cancer-associated transcription factors.

Ashok Mulchandani
Professor of Chemical Engineering


Enzyme, microbial, immuno and receptor based biosensors.

Jernej Murn

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Department Listing


RNA biology and epigenetics of stem cells and neurons

Tara Nordgren    Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences

 Department Listing


Effects of environmental exposures on lung
inflammation and repair processes, and the role of bioactive lipid mediators in
the regulation of lung inflammatory processes

Constance Nugent 
Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Department Listing

Understanding the fundamental cellular processes responsible for maintaining telomeres, using the yeast S. cerevisiae as a model system.

Sean O'Leary

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Department Listing



Mihri Ozkan
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Department Listing

Self and directed assembly of nanoelectronics and new device architectures, hybrid device architectures for photovoltaics and other renewable energy devices, as well as the synthesis and imaging of nanoprobes for cancer detection and therapeutic.

Jeff Perry
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Department Listing

Structural biochemistry studies on key proteins and signaling pathways maintaining genome stability.

Daniel Schlenk
Professor of Aquatic Ecotoxicology & Environmental Toxicology

Department Listing

Mechanistic investigations of the effects of salinity on pesticide toxicity in fish; studies the relationship between exposure to environmental pharmaceutical agents and altered fish populations; mechanistic investigations of tolerance to natural and man-made toxic agents; and applied aquaculture research.

Frances Sladek
Professor of Cell Biology

Department Listing

Molecular mechanisms of transcriptional control of gene expression.

Jikui Song

Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Department Listing

Structural insights into the mechanisms of epigenetic regulation; Investigation of macromolecular interactions by X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy

Prudence Talbot
Professor of Cell Biology

Department Listing

Effects of mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke on the female reproductive tract.

John Trumble
Distinguished Professor of Entomology

Department Listing

Integrated pest management for vegetable crops, effects of pollution and climate change on plant-herbivore interactions.

David Volz

Associate Professor of Environmental Toxicology

Department Listing


Developmental toxicology. Alternatives to regulatory toxicity testing. Chemicals policy and regulation.

Sharon Walker 
Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Department Listing

Bacterial Adhesion and Transport in Natural and Engineered Systems, Water Quality Engineering.

Yinsheng Wang
Program Director, Professor of Chemistry

Department Listing

Biological mass spectrometry, DNA damage induced by reactive oxygen species.

Min Xue
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Department Listing

The supramolecular properties of peptides, and their biomedical applications.

Marylynn Yates
Professor of Environmental Microbiology

Department Listing

Transport of environmental contaminants through soil and into ground water.

Samantha Ying

Assistant Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry

Department Listing

Fate, transport, and bioavailability of organic and inorganic compounds in soils.

 Haofei Zhang

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

 Department Listing


 Atmospheric organic aerosol plays a central role impacting air quality, global climate, and human health. Our research focuses on understanding the formation and evolution of organic aerosol, which often involves multiphase interactions.

Wenwan Zhong
Professor of Chemistry

Department Listing

Chromatographic separation and its application in enzymatic reaction monitoring and chemical inhibitors screening; Assay development for sensitive detection of biomolecules; Hyphenation of microsphere-based assays and chromatographic techniques for protein analysis.

Nicole I. Zur Nieden
Associate Professor

Department Listing

Use of stem cell models to evaluate the potential of environmental chemicals to induce embryonic malformations; employing the EST to describe the toxic effects of alcohol and nicotine abuse on the development of the skeletal system.

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